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Our Approach

Our approach is simple – we listen and help you tell your story. We break down the problem you are dealing with and explain your legal rights and options. If we can help resolve your problem, we will tell you what steps we can take and how much each will cost.

We understand the pressure and anxiety caused by disputes and want to alleviate this as much as possible. We won’t try to baffle you with legal speak or waste your time.

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What We Do

We assist with disputes you may encounter with other people, companies or government authorities. These disputes arise from everyday life and may involve recovering money owed to you, issues related to your home or property, contested wills and estates, breach of legal agreements, or loss caused to you by someone’s negligence or wrongdoing.

We do not advise on criminal, personal injury or family law matters. If we can’t assist directly, we suggest steps you could take to resolve things yourself or other resources that may help. To find out if we can help you, scroll down to the Eligibility section below.

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The Accessible Justice Project has been set up for Australians who do not qualify for legal aid but cannot afford a private lawyer.

To work out whether we are able to assist you we need to ask a few questions. Please select from one of the below options.


answer some questions online.


print or download this form and mail or email it to us.

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First Steps

If we are able to assist, we will arrange a meeting with you. This may take place in person or over the phone or using an online format like FaceTime, Skype or Zoom.

During this first meeting you will tell your story, we will ask you questions and review any materials you bring with you.

If we are able to assist we will explain the next steps. These might include another meeting to gather more information, preparing a letter for you or advising on how to prepare a letter yourself, making inquiries on your behalf, or representing you in dealings with other parties or in court proceedings.

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The Accessible Justice Project is committed to providing legal advice and representation that is affordable. We only charge you what it costs us to run our practice. We do not make any profit.

The first meeting with our team costs $88 (including GST). This is paid prior to the meeting.

We will set out the cost of each step to help resolve your dispute and estimate the total cost you may have to pay if the issue is not resolved quickly. At each stage you will decide whether you would like to go ahead or not. You will only need to pay us for the particular work that we do if and when you ask us to go ahead with that work.

We will also suggest ways that you may save costs, for example by doing some things yourself.

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