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The Accessible Justice Project team consists of qualified lawyers who are supervised by senior lawyers from LK.

This team share a passion and commitment to ensuring that all Australians have access to the legal support they need.

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Matt Simpson

Team Member - Matt Simpson

Matt Simpson, Managing Lawyer

Matt has extensive experience helping clients to resolve a variety of commercial disputes. He started his career as a teacher and has played a lead role with the Magistrates Court Legal Advice Service in South Australia for many years.

He is committed to ensuring that all Australians are able to access the legal assistance they need.

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Mark Giddings

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Mark Giddings, Managing Lawyer

Mark has extensive experience advising on a range of commercial disputes. He is committed to improving the pathway to justice for all members of our community.

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Rowan Tape

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Rowan Tape, Managing Lawyer

Rowan has extensive experience assisting clients to resolve a variety of commercial disputes. He is committed to doing what he can to improving access to justice for ordinary Australians.

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Isabella Quek

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Isabella Quek, Lawyer

Issy chose a career in the law hoping she could make a difference in her community. She is dedicated to her clients, ensuring their voices are heard and respected. Issy has completed a Master of Laws, focussing on access to justice, particularly in relation to legal issues arising in natural disasters. Issy recently co-authored the South Australian Law Reform Institute’s Mental Health Act 2009 Review (2023). Outside of legal practice, Issy has an undergraduate degree in Environmental Policy and Management and volunteers with an organisation that works to achieve the sustainable development in South Australia.

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