Our Team

The Accessible Justice Project is a collaboration between the University of Adelaide and
Lipman Karas. Our team consists of qualified lawyers who are completing their Master of Laws at the University. They are supervised by senior lawyers from Lipman Karas.

This team share a passion and commitment to ensuring that all Australians have access to the legal support they need.

Team Thumbnail - Alice Rolls

Alice Rolls

Team Member - Alice Rolls

Alice Rolls, Managing Lawyer

Alice is a highly experienced lawyer who has been assisting clients to resolve commercial disputes for more than 15 years, both in Australia and internationally.

She has served as a volunteer director on a number of not-for-profit boards, has provided free legal advice to asylum seekers and is passionate about increasing access to justice for all.

Team Thumbnail - Matt Simpson

Matt Simpson

Team Member - Matt Simpson

Matt Simpson, Managing Lawyer

Matt has extensive experience helping clients to resolve a variety of commercial disputes. He started his career as a teacher and has played a lead role with the Magistrates Court Legal Advice Service in South Australia for many years.

He is committed to ensuring that all Australians are able to access the legal assistance they need.

Team Thumbnail - Tayne Redman

Tayne Redman

Team Member - Tayne Redman

Tayne Redman, Lawyer

Tayne is a lawyer who has previously worked in marketing for a multi-national company.

He is also a small business owner and is committed to assisting people to understand their legal rights and obligations.

Team Thumbnail - Cheryll Rosales

Cheryll Rosales

Team Member - Cheryll Rosales

Cheryll Rosales, Lawyer

Cheryll is a lawyer with a background as an educational specialist in the United States and Australia.

She has worked to make positive changes within the criminal courts and provide support to individuals with complex communication needs.

Team Thumbnail - Guglielmo Plain

Guglielmo Plain

Team Member - Guglielmo Plain

Guglielmo Plain, Lawyer

Guglielmo is a lawyer who has spent a number of years as a specialist teacher in adult literacy and numeracy.

He speaks five languages and has studied international human rights law. He is committed to assisting people to overcome communication barriers in accessing legal assistance.

Team Thumbnail - Mario Pegoli

Mario Pegoli

Team Member - Mario Pegoli

Mario Pegoli, Lawyer

Mario is a lawyer with a background in corporate finance, including asset management roles in Australia and internationally.

He is focused on offering clear and practical legal advice and representation to all, especially to people living with a disability.

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